Lazy and Dumb


I have realized that Mining the Minors is the name of a feature that ran on Rotographs several years ago, so I will be renaming this series of articles “Minor League Minor Leaguers”, as it serves the dual purpose of suggesting we’re looking for prospects generally off the radar, while also being such a comically lazy and dumb name that surely no one has published it before.

  • I was not aware of how plentiful video reports on Youtube appear to be for prospects with little notoriety. I have edited both posts to feature player video, using the most recent available. If you’re curious, check the video description to learn if the video is from July 2018 or March 2015.
  • I will release the Baltimore Orioles list next week with the San Francisco Giants list to follow. Post volume will pick up with the new year.
  • I will dress the site up at some point, although I think content beats design. Usability is important, however, and I’ll change the layout so that every post of a series can be found in one place with navigation.

Thanks for reading!